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From the Desk of Steven Crissien

To: Content Creators, Course Creators, Influencers, Entrepreneurs

Dear Friend,

I've totally felt the frustration of trying to stand out and grow my brand...

Bet you've been there too!

If yes, consider this letter as your starting point to level up.

I'm Steven Crissien, the one driving the Uplevel Syndicate - your soon-to-be secret sauce for boosting your brand to new heights!

But hey, why should you lend me your eyes and, more importantly, your trust?

Strap in, because you’re about to get a hefty dose of reality!

First off, I've been in the trenches, just where you are now - fighting to get my voice heard in the noise that is social media.

I've been so frustrated when growth moves slower than a snail, and it seems like everyone else is skyrocketing.

But I refused to let that be the end of my story.

Instead, I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about branding, marketing strategies, and creating a strong online presence.

And guess what?

It worked!

I've cracked the code, and I’m not the gatekeeper of secrets.

I believe in lifting others as we climb.

The strategies, insights, and yes, even the fails, I’ve encountered, are now your roadmap to success.

Because here, at the Uplevel Syndicate, we're all about transforming the 'maybe' into a resounding 'HECK, YES!'

Now, imagine if I told you that the very strategies and breakthroughs that catapulted me into the spotlight are the same ones I used to manage and produce a 7 Figure podcast.

That's right, this isn't just any show; it's consistently ranked Top 20 in Apple Podcast and Spotify for business and personal development.

Talk about clout, right?

But here's the thing - it didn't get there by accident.

Every episode, every interview, and every strategy was meticulously planned and executed with precision, ensuring that each listener walked away with value, inspiration, and that much-needed push to uplevel their own game.

I'm here to spill the beans, share the secrets, and guide you to do the very same with your brand.


Because seeing you succeed, watching your brand blast off, and knowing you're making your mark in the world – that's the real win for me.

What is Uplevel Syndicate is all about?!?

Think of it as your VIP pass to the backstage of a 7 figure podcast – a place where we ditch the fluff and get down to the brass tacks of skyrocketing your brand.

This isn't just another membership; it's your roundtable, your think tank, your frontline in the digital battlefield.

With Uplevel Syndicate, you'll be rubbing shoulders with movers and shakers, soaking up insights, and putting into play strategies that are nothing short of revolutionary.

We’re talking exclusive content, insider strategies, and real-world case studies that have fueled the fires of success for content creators and entrepreneurs just like you.

But First Let's Be Fully Transparent...

Before you jump in with both feet, let's get one thing straight – Uplevel Syndicate is not for everyone.

In fact, this brand new membership "Uplevel Syndicate" might not even be for you?

If you're looking for some magic pill, a get-rich-quick scheme, or a place to slack off and hope for the best, then you've barked up the wrong tree.

This membership is ONLY for 2 types of people:

1.) "Movers & Shakers" who are looking to take their businesses to the next level and create more income.

2.) "Rooks" who are looking to make an impact using their personality the right way and are willing to have success by investing in themselves.

This is a space for doers, believers, and hustlers who are ready to put in the work and ignite their brand.

It's for those hungry for growth, thirsty for knowledge, and ready to take on tomorrow today.

If you're not in that mindset, then Uplevel Syndicate might just not be your jam.

But if you're all about pushing limits, breaking boundaries, and making some serious waves, then, my friend, welcome aboard!

Here's some more truth... There is a lot of garbage out there.

Some people make a living convincing you to buy something that doesn't work... and some people make a living by convincing you that what they have to offer is the answer to your financial problems.


Creating engaging content is difficult and takes lots of time.

Most people give up before they even start.

They also don’t understand the fundamentals, or why they work.

No matter how hard you try nothing seems to work.

In fact, you can spend $1,000 on a course on how to create viral content for TikTok.

After you’ve signed up for it, you’ll receive a link, which you’ll click.

Then, you’ll watch the modules.

Afterward, you’ll go back to your office, sit down and try to apply it.

And every time you hit a roadblock, you’ll call up the "guru" behind the course and ask them questions, and they’ll always tell you to go Google it.


So, if you’re looking for that extra push to take your business to the next level, then continue reading.

This is the first ever membership created for business minded people who want to take their skill, knowledge, impact, influence, and income to the next level.

And hang onto your hats, because here's where the plot thickens – we're planning on launching an exclusive Podcast Network and YouTube Network.

Think of it as your golden ticket to boosting your brand's visibility exponentially.

Imagine your content being plugged into a powerhouse network, where the sky's the limit for reaching new audiences, collaborating with top-tier creators, and amping up your influence game.

If you've been dreaming about taking your brand to a level you thought was reserved for the elites, this is your chance to turn that dream into reality.

This isn't just growth; it's expansion on steroids.

What we provide will change your life.

I am guessing you're pretty excited by now...

Sign up today for EARLY ACCESS!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I can't wait to see you inside.

Talk soon,

Steven Crissien


In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

When you sign up for early access, you will also get a MASSIVE special founder's discount once we are ready to launch.

By enrolling in the program's early access list NOW, you'll secure FIRST ACCESS to:

Uplevel Success Path

  • Grow Your Brand

  • Studio Design & Equipment Setup

  • Launch Your Podcast & YouTube Channel

  • Grow Loyal Subscribers

  • Scale Using AI Marketing & Advertising

  • Monetize Your Podcast

  • Mastering the Art of Interviewing

Buckle up, because when you step into the Uplevel Syndicate, you're not just joining another program; you're unlocking the Success Path.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all; this is a tailor-made jetpack for your brand's growth.

Imagine having exclusive access to a series of high-impact modules dedicated to not just growing your brand, but catapulting your podcast, and YouTube channel into the stratosphere.

We're talking comprehensive guides, step-by-step strategies, and insider tips to not only gain followers but to turn that audience into a loyal community.

We're going all-in on how to monetize these platforms. From sponsorships, ads, to merchandise and beyond – you'll have the blueprint to not just make an impact, but make bank too.

This is where your passion meets profit and where your brand goes from being a voice in the crowd to the one leading the parade.

Monthly Millionaire AI Marketing Workshops

Join our monthly workshops where we harness the power of cutting-edge AI tools to create engaging funnels, craft compelling offers, write captivating copy, and master the art of effective messaging.

Monthly Millionaire Insider Masterclass

Every Month We Invite One of the World's Top Entrepreneurs & Get Insider Look At Their Business.

You’ll get exclusive insider look at how the world’s most elite entrepreneurs, business leaders and visionaries run their business. You’ll be able to ask your questions and hear their answers, strategies and advice. 

We’ll take a deep dive into proven growth strategies taught by real entrepreneurs…no fluff, just the actionable insights you need to launch & grow your business.


You’ll learn more in these sessions that some people do in their entire college education!

Monthly Member Makeover

During these sessions, we will meticulously break down and analyze your specific needs and goals, providing personalized insights and recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances.

Perfect Business Model

You will gain comprehensive knowledge on safeguarding your assets by establishing an LLC.

Discover the intricacies of creating a seamless corporate structure that minimizes tax liabilities and provides optimal personal protection.

The "Behind the Lunacy" Newsletter

Behind The Scenes walkthroughs where my team and I show you behind the scenes on some of the most successful campaigns and how we're applying the latest frameworks to structure funnels, write copy, and drive traffic to our offers.

Unlimited Access to Uplevel Syndicate Community!

You will also get access to our private Mastermind community and no, it's not another Facebook Group.

Our community is for YOU to feel at home.

This is where you can network with other mastermind members, help each other, and even partner with other successful entrepreneurs.

Be a TRAILBLAZER and elevate your brand through your YouTube podcast.

Imagine reaching out to people with your content who could really use your help - making a real difference!

Visualize turning your passions into a thriving career in one of the fastest-growing billion-dollar industries.

Imagine your podcast growing steadily and consistently until it has the power to transform your life and your family's.